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Kids have an unforgivable habit of growing up too fast - and never more so than when trying on football boots right before the first game of the season. Here at WMFC, we have you covered. Each week during the season, our Boot Swap is up and running from the clubhouse. Come along and look through our boots to find the perfect match for you. Boots are $5 or you are welcome to exchange a pair for free. Alternatively, if your cupboards are overflowing with pre-loved boots that are no longer required, donations are very much welcomed. 




We are very fortunate to be able to provide all of our teams with modern training aids to support our players development and make training sessions enjoyable. Training equipment can be found in the shipping containers at the bottom of Field 102.   


Last minute surprises can happen from time to time. Training bibs, spare whistles, and alternate playing strips can be found in the changing rooms. We do encourage all coaches to check ahead of time for any potential use of alternate playing strips to secure them for the appropriate matchday.

WMFC Shop Collections

Each Saturday morning our WMFC Shop operates out of the changing room adjacent to the canteen. HEre you can make any last minute ourchases or collect the items you have ordered online

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