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WMFC Member protection

The Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy & Procedures are to be considered in conjunction with the Weston Molonglo Football Club. The purpose of this document is to provide a uniform approach for the WMFC to deal with any on or off the field behaviour by any:

•    Player that receives either an official caution or dismissal by a match official. 
•    Player that acts inappropriately in relation to expectations of his/her coach. 
•    Club Official, Parent or Supporter that causes gross offence to either any other stakeholder in the WMFC or an Official,

      Parent or Supporter from any other club. 


These procedures will be published on the WMFC website and issued to existing club Members/Players on request. They will also be included in welcome packs so that all Players, Officials, Parents and Supporters are fully aware of its contents. 

These procedures are conducted under the guidance of both the Football Australia - National Code of Conduct and Ethics 2021 and Capital Football Disputes & Disciplinary Regulations 2021 


For more information regarding WMFC member protection issues, please email:


For more information relating to Capital Football and Football Australia policies and procedures, please click HERE

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